Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Misty London - The BOOK has finally been launched!

Dear friends,
Since Misty London appears to be the most popular post on withinlondon so far, I'm happy to announce that the photobook is finally out (phew, it took a while, right?).

It's self-published via the amazing www.blurb.com (they're amazing because if it weren't for their extremely easy and - I must say idiot/design illiterate-friendly platform), I could've never done it myself in a million years, so yeah, cheers, blurb!). 

Only one of the photographs featured the initial blog post made it to the book (they're made with my old phone, so the quality was not quite appropriate for a fine art photography book).

Therefore, I invite you to take a look (below is the cover and by clicking on it, you will land straight on the blurb bookstore where you can see the preview, further details about the book and even purchase a copy in whichever format you prefer):

What a great time to be alive!